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These 5 Topics Continue to Widen Your Leadership’s D&O Liability

By mjackson
Directors and Officers Insurance

The past few years have seen a significant increase in directors and officers (D&O) being held legally accountable for organisational mistakes or failures. And, in a constantly evolving risk landscape, you can’t afford to ignore the following top D&O liability risks:

  1. Compliance—Recent regulations have given added responsibilities to senior leadership roles, making it vital to comply and avoid fines.
  2. Artificial intelligence (AI)—While new technology such as AI can provide various benefits to your organisation, it also exposes you to increased cyber-risk and D&O liability under the GDPR.
  3. Brexit—Political uncertainty can make it difficult to understand the possible risks your organisation faces. However, you could be held liable if you fail to take proper action to prevent foreseeable losses.
  4. Climate change—Especially as environmental concerns rise, you could be held liable if your operations are not eco-friendly.
  5. #MeToo—Sexual harassment and assault continue to be a prevalent topic in the media, which means it should remain a high-priority topic in your workplace to avoid discrimination claims.

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