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The Services: The Devil in the Detail

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In a recent article (‘Contracts and the Need for Certainty’), we highlighted the importance of ensuring that a formal contract is in place with your Client(s). This helps ensure that both parties are aware of the terms of the appointment, and can assist in safeguarding your position should a dispute arise. However, the simple fact […]

Contracts & the Need for Certainty

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ContentsStarting a relationship on the Right Terms “The Boring Bit” “The Foundations” Reasonable Skill and Care Liability and Insurance “The Envelope Agreement” The Contract Itself The Free Contract & Collateral Warranty ServiceYou met the Client for the first time, they were impressed with your suggestions and ideas, a fee has been agreed and off you go. While you are in […]

6 Best Practices to Prevent Age Discrimination Claims

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The average life expectancy has steadily been rising over the past several decades, and as a result, people are remaining in the workforce longer—making organisations increasingly multigenerational. In fact, there are an estimated 1.3 million employees over the age of 65 currently employed. However, as the number of older workers has increased, so has the […]

28% of Executives Say Bribery is Rife in UK

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Twenty-eight per cent of UK business leaders believe that bribery and corruption is prevalent throughout the nation, according to a 2016 survey conducted by professional services firm, EY. This broad acceptance of objectionable business practices is startling—especially given the recent spotlight on corporate governance and transparency in light of the Panama Papers. It is especially […]

Don’t Let Social Media Tarnish Your Organisation’s Reputation

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Seventy-four percent of board members believe that reputational damage is the most concerning repercussion of an incident, according to research from the Economic Intelligence Unit. Regardless of your organisation’s size, your reputation, which is intrinsically linked to your brand, is a precious commodity that is just as important to bolster and protect as your goods […]

6 Ways to Reduce Employers’ Liability Claims

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In 2015-2016, nearly 700,000 workers suffered an injury whilst on the job, which contributed to 30.4 million lost working days and cost the economy about £14.1 billion, according to the HSE. Because your organisation is required to have employers’ liability cover, you already have cover to help pay compensation if your employees suffer a work-related […]