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Recent Cyber Security News and Prosecutions – March|April 2016

By CIEEM Insurance Services

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Cyber criminals are impersonating CEOs in costly new email scam

According to a recent report from the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), there has been a sharp increase in a new type of email crime known as CEO fraud. The email scam consists of a cyber criminal impersonating a chief executive through email and then directing an employee to wire money to an overseas bank account. On average, businesses lose about £83,500 from the scam, and, over the course of the last two years, the scam has collectively cost businesses across the globe more than £1.4 billion. In its ongoing investigation, the FBI has stated that the scam could be mitigated if companies provided their employees with proper cyber security training.

Record fine for company behind 46 million nuisance calls

Prodial Ltd, a lead generation firm, was fined £350,000 by the ICO for making more than 46 million automated nuisance calls over a period of several months. The firm was operating out of a residential property as well as hiding its identity, which made it difficult for people to report the specific details of the disturbances. More than 1,000 people called to inform the ICO about the calls. In its investigation, the ICO discovered evidence that the firm had been making nuisance calls to people who had not consented to receiving marketing calls. In addition, the firm was also selling people’s personal details to claims management companies. According to the ICO, this was the worst case of cold calling that it has ever come across, which is why the firm was fined the record-breaking amount.


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