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Recent Cyber Security News and Prosecutions – January|February 2016

By CIEEM Insurance Services

Teenage cyber criminals becoming the norm

According to the National Crime Agency (NCA), the average age of suspected cyber attackers has dropped to 17. Investigators attribute this to youths being swayed by the allure of validation from others in the cyber community. Experts also predict that this praise has contributed to these youths joining organised cyber-crime groups.

To address the potential allure of cyber crime, the NCA has launched the Cyber Choices campaign. The purpose of the campaign is to help parents of boys ages 12 to 15 educate and persuade their children to not be swayed by the allure of cyber crime.

HIV patient support service fined after accidentally exposing its patient list

The Bloomsbury Patient Network was fined £250 after it inadvertently revealed the identities of HIV patients through an email error. In a newsletter offering support and guidance for HIV patients, the organisation included the email address of 200 patients in the ‘To’ field rather than the ‘Bcc’ field—revealing 56 full or partial names. This is the second incident of this type in three months for the organisation.

In its investigation, the ICO found that the incident had occurred before it had provided the organisation with guidance on how to mitigate these types of cyber risks. While the issued fine was relatively small, the ICO had the authority to issue a fine of up to £500,000. The incident emphasises that all organisations, even if they are an unincorporated association, will be held financially responsible.


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