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Professional Indemnity insurance – the service

Professional Indemnity Insurance is often one of the largest single items of expenditure a business can incur. In terms of pricing and claims, it is also a notoriously volatile sector of the insurance market – something for which many professional practices have paid an unnecessarily high price in the past.

A client-driven service

Careful selection of your professional indemnity insurance broker is therefore vital. CIEEM Insurance Services, administered by MFL Affinity, a division of McParland Finn Ltd, can offer you the assurance of being one of the most highly regarded Professional Indemnity specialists in the market. We believe that a highly personalised service and absolute professionalism is the key to providing fully for all your professional indemnity needs. Accordingly to achieve this aim we employ the best quality staff and devote every necessary resource to each stage of the insurance process.

Presentation help

Starting with the Professional Risk and Practice Profiles, we place great emphasis on how it should be completed and presented to insurers. We provide every assistance necessary to ensure that your business is presented in the best possible light. In this way insurers can be made fully aware of the precise nature of the risk and qualities of your firm.

Policy wordings

Policy wordings are of paramount importance. We have invested heavily in the design of bespoke policy wordings to precisely meet individual needs, rather than relying on the many standard products available which assume that all companies have identical requirements.

Continuous advice

After the risk has been placed with Underwriters, our work is just beginning. The high level of service we provide is contingent throughout the term of the policy. We therefore make a point of frequently advising our clients of any topical matters or raising any helpful points which may have arisen from other clients we advise. This can involve a broad range of issues and we particularly emphasise those which relate to loss prevention and risk management.

Special attention to claims

Ultimately, the true test of a broker’s expertise and efficiency is in the claims department – never more so than with professional indemnity insurance. For unlike say, a fire policy, it is quite common to have many potential claims reported in a single year. Therefore, it is vitally important that you understand what is happening with your notifications, and that we continue to contribute towards resolving any matters which may arise. The environment we create for our clients allows them to be very much involved with what is happening. We see our role as a conduit between our clients and the insurers to ensure that proper understanding of all matters prevails at all times. Underlining our commitment to client service, CIEEM Insurance Services can boast one of the strongest claims services in the insurance market. As a result we can bring to bear all our skills and experience which is considered by many of our clients to be one of our strongest features.

It is hardly surprising then, to learn that we have accumulated an enviable client list. They have enjoyed the peace of mind which comes from being guided successfully through the ups and downs of the insurance market, with claims handled practically, efficiently – and, above all, true value for money.