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New Level 2 BIM Mandate Now in Force, Many Firms Not Ready

By CIEEM Insurance Services

The government’s Level 2 Business Information Modelling (BIM) mandate went into force on 4th April, but construction firms are still woefully unprepared, according to a new survey from the Royal Institute of British Architects’ (RIBA). The RIBA survey was conducted between December 2015 and February 2016, and it found that, of the 1,000 construction firms surveyed, 41 per cent were unsure how to comply with the new mandate, and only 10 per cent believe the construction industry as a whole is ready to comply. The new mandate requires that all government contractors are compliant with Level 2 BIM.

Level 2 BIM establishes a collaborative working environment in which all parties use their own 3-D CAD model—not necessarily a single, shared model—to exchange information through a common format. Common formats include the Industry Foundation Class (IFC) or Construction Operations Building Information Exchange (COBie). To ensure that your firm can comply with the new mandate, follow these seven Level 2 BIM requirements:

  1. Develop information models which reference, federate or exchange information with other models.
  2. Provide an Employers Information Requirements (EIR) document with a clear definition and decision points.
  3. Conduct a supplier and supply capability assessment.
  4. Provide a BIM Execution Plan including assigned roles, standards, methods and procedures, and a master information delivery matrix aligned with the project programme.
  5. Provide a Common Data Environment.
  6. Comply with the necessary Level 2 BIM documents and standards.
  7. Develop information models utilising database-based software and analysis software.

For more information about the Level 2 mandate, visit the government’s BIM Task Group website at

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