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Improving Emails: GDPR Tips

By mjackson

Getting consent for email marketing—while a seemingly simple task—has become significantly more difficult following the implementation of the GDPR. And while the flood of GDPR preference-confirmation emails has ended, you still need a lawful basis (like consent) to email prospects.

To keep cultivating prospect consent, follow these tips based on the lessons learned from the GDPR email barrage of 2018:


  • Check your links—If you send an email with linked material or a call to action that a receiver must click for confirmation, be sure that all links are active and effective prior to sending.


  • Make the most of the subject line—In order to ensure the receiver clicks on your email, emphasise any action necessary in the subject line. This practice will engage the reader and give them a better idea of what you need from them.


  • Be prompt, but concise—Follow through in a timely manner when sending emails that require action. Also, avoid sending multiple emails that could easily be consolidated. If the receiver notices a constant pile of emails from your organisation in their inbox, they are more likely to think about unsubscribing